Alex Everett

Alex Everett | Tattoo Studio

Hi, I’m Alex! I’ve been making and breaking art for as long as I can remember! Tattooing is the most extreme form of art that I have come across, it kicks ass and I am going to continue the progression of it as a lifestyle and full-time career.

While attending college I stumbled into the fine arts of tattooing through a good friend. I continued to maintain my college courses, but found that I wanted to pursue my new passion full-time. It was at that point that an opportunity presented itself for me to be able to purchase 13 Shades Tattoo where I was working. After many years of building up an amazing clientele base and a recognizable brand, I decided that it was time to move on. I’ve been able to live a more balanced lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Refining my skills and adding new techniques to my repertoire is something I am constantly working on. To be the best and stay on top I take my profession seriously, especially when my work is on someone’s body for the rest of time.

My philosophy has always been to develop friendships with my clients. I’ve found that it creates a deeper bond that has helped with the creative process immensely and brings out more smiles while I am putting folks through a lot of pain with my tattoo machine.

Besides that I have been snowboarding and riding BMX bikes for many years and enjoy these sports greatly. They have allowed me to travel the Northwest and see and experience many things.

Other Mediums | Charcoal, pen and ink, paint

Favorite Style of Tattoos | I enjoy doing custom artwork and tattoos in just about any form and style of tattooing.